Drive in Japan
stupid policemen
A ingenious victim and stupid policemen

Don't you have such an experience?
The sign of "Traffic Accident" is visible beyond large traffic congestion. You approached the spot, thinking "what kind of accident?", and you knew it was a trifling accident. Actually, There is almost no opportunity to encounter a big accident.
Now, in the accident leading to traffic congestion, the middle-aged woman who was on the car which damaged at the tail end got in the ambulance by herself, with concious her neck. And policemen are inspecting on site strictly.
According to damage on a car, it's a really trifling accident, the necessity of calling an ambulance is not at all.
Definitely, the police treats this as a "injuryed accident", she is requiring additional compensation to the repair expense of a car. Even if it is her performance, there is no way to oppose her.

Sep. 2004
The 2nd circular road, Yokohama

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